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it’s just so evil how the kardashians push laxative teas, shapewear, body foundation etc. on their huge audience and pass it off as some kind of empowering statement to make girls “feel good”

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Avni @avni

While their statements always focus on providing relief to people who fail to feel good about themselves, i call bullshit.There is no way they dont know their influence on young girls and the body/self esteem issues they aid in cultivating.

Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

Bad influence!



No one 111 @jarul

Everything the Kardashians promote is anti feminist, the only exception being their makeup. They talk about how they encourage women to be happier but their own happiness is such a smoke screen of body dysmorphia and racism. I agree with this 100%, they don’t encourage people to feel better they just want to profit off people feeling awful

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

Not only the Kardashians, most of our social media feed is full of models promoting fake beauty and body standards. It’s sad to see how people get inspired by something so unreal. Our generation needs to separate materialism from acceptance.

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