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It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been single & honestly, I have mixed feelings for this state of being.
Like I’m in my comfort & I have time to do things what I like, prioritise myself and not thw other person…
But everyime I think of the times when I gave it all, with a blink of an eye…and now even though I want to, I might but that FEAR.
That weariness.
That feeling of being exhausted, even though I’ve got hopes, but I don’t think I’ll work towards that hope anymore.
Not my thing now, it used to be…for many years, I felt time passed by when I was in that moment.
Now I’m not in any moment I guess, just surviving, existing.
Just the thought of what used to be keeps me sane.
Because I know, I was there & I know, I was happy.

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I understand it must feel this way now. Happiness is something u can bring to your feet anytime YOU feel like. If you feel like u were happier in the past …what made u feel so. Was there someone who made u happy? Ask yourself why can’t you make yourself happy and depends on situation or people to make it that way. Snatch your own happiness and life for yourself ❤️


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