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Umar Farooque @farooq_21

It’s been 5 years of that darkest period of my life. nd while writing this my innerself is saying ‘it won’t help you’. But anyway i’ll write since it’s the first time i’m sharing this out.
I don’t want to call myself a mental person…no i’m not. But i am so frustated of myself… I have not been able to do anything in my life since then. It’s like a ghost that haunts me every time i’ve tried to do something and move on. The flashback and fake scenarios everytime is what i live with. It’s not that i i’ve left every thing. At times when i m under pressure i’ve done tasks and moving along with life… But but i’ve turned into a a person i never thought of a pathetic person… I’m lost . And there is some thing like stroke of this trauma that i suffer with .it occurs periodically at interval of some days. When it is at its peak. I’ve already lost many carrer opportunities.nd still getting sucked by it. Its not that i m not alive, obviously people have many responsibilities in life but the repurcursion of this trauma has been turning me to a numb,dead person and my life has no hope…but i’m so done with it… I don’t know how to i fix myself…but i cannot live this pathetic life where i’m drowing more nd more into darkness!

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Akanksha @anxious_kiwi

I hate to say this…but psychotherapy might be the way out

Umar Farooque @farooq_21

Ya maybe…but thank u so much for taking out time to read my words

This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Umar Farooque @farooq_21

U r right, we do mistake not taking it cautiously when it’s in early stage…actually i never thought that with passage of time it’s gonna take over me so much…nd now seems impossible for me to ever recover…any way thanku so much for ur time…

crazy_girl 😊 @tasnim

U r really strong but don’t give up u r not depressed but u r really fastreted I understand bcoz sometimes I feel same things but u can’t give up stand up & pls fight for all bull’shit nd frustration but don’t give up remember one thing always chahe koi saath hoya na ho but allahmiya always there with u pls don’t loose your self trust your self & allahmiya too.😊

Umar Farooque @farooq_21

Hey thanks a lot 4 ur kind words…u r right ultimately there’s one hope that keeps us alive…

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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