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It’s amazing how literally nothing in my life has changed since the last time I’ve been on this app. I didn’t expect the scars on my face to suddenly vanish or for someone to suddenly look beyond them, but I still feel a little bad about all that.

The only thing that you can say has changed are my meds. I’m back on vicodin.

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Life sucks !! Doesn’t mean we give up. We just have to try to carry on somehow. & That’s fuckin shitty. Btw why are you on vicodin


Neuropathic pain. Old injury. Same as scars on my face. You can probably find a more detailed explanation of my pitiful plight if you look through my older posts.


Stop pitying yourself,man. Man accept his flaws and move on .bitch, no one care . Accept your pain.

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I’m not pitying myself. I just stated a fact. And what exactly does ‘accept your pain’ mean? It feels pretty strong even to a person who’s been suffering with chronic pain for years now. I feel like I’m dealing with it well enough, thank you.


I was being sarcastic when I said ‘pitiful plight’. And I didn’t even take the conversation this way.


I apologise with deepest regret, I’m sorry, I don’t have the right to judge you. But as a man, you can’t be vulnerable ever. Even it’s killing you. That’s how life is. Even you mean sarcastically. I’m sorry .


It’s okay, you don’t have to apologise. Can’t say I agree with you though. You can’t say men are not allowed to be vulnerable if you lament the amount of men committing suicide every day. Thank you though.


I have been in and out of the hospital. For trying to end it. Being vulnerable doesn’t help .


Let’s just hope you don’t end up there again with that attitude 🫂


Nothing’s wrong with my attitude man.


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