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It’s always the same. It’s always my mom who says ‘’ you’re so fat ‘’
Sometime, I feel like being anorexia was the only solutions. I don’t want to have this shit again. But damn, my mom make me feel like it’s necessary.
Everytime I find my body normal, kinda pretty, it’s always ‘’ you’re fat. You must loss weight. You must stop eating sugar. ‘’
Every single time. And every single time, I feel like I want to die.

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Shashank Gupta @shashankpg

Don’t give a fuck about what your mom says .
She is also a human being ,she can also make mistakes .

Love yourself no matter what
Others may or may not love you


I try to ignore what she says
But that so hard sometime

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Yes, I know I don’t have the most healthy lifestyle, I try my best for. But, hargh, her words are so bad

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