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It’s 20:30 Standing on roadside to wait for my sister There is light of only vehicles amd street light with no Moonlight but still able to find a star in the sky. Today I’d seen my collegemate post where I get to know he completed MA economics and MBA in data science and artificial intelligence. then I feel what was I’m doing in last two years. why did I stop to learn and grow.

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Joker 😈😈😈 @joker279

All this thinking comes whenever you are alone and in peace … mostly at night as at night mostly it’s silent thing . You can hear yourself…
Don’t think what you were doing… it is past now … think what you can do from now onwards to grow and learn. There is no age or time barrier to learn or grow …

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Raghav @r4gh4v

If data science and analytics are your area of interest then go for it… see each day you will see this… someone is doing this, someone is doing that… but we forget that we are also doing something… and life is all about ups and down… just do what your instinct tell you career wise and I promise this feeling will go away and one day you will post the same thing on Linkedin and everyone will see it… my personal suggestion… go for a good MBA course… I am also going to do the same… Good luck!


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