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It just doesn’t feel right,
Idk whats going on but it’s definitely something.
regained faith in love and even though I shouldn’t go back into disbelief of love but I don’t know whether it was the right time to have reconsidered love or was it the wrong person . I simply have no clue, it just doesn’t feel right when they aren’t around and you don’t know who are they when you’re not looking. It just doesn’t feel right they are away and you don’t know why. I don’t know
what it is , just thought maybe typing this out will somehow lower this anxiety .

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Tell me what happened
I am here for you !


Friend pls stop thinking so much…
All i can make out from your post
Is that you have some fear regarding falling in love again…
Maybe you have been through heartache
N unable to trust again
My interpretation maybe wrong
But yes once belief is broken
It doesnot mend easily…
But if love is genuine
The hearts get connected naturally without much effort…
If it is heartfelt…
Give it a chance
Have full faith in in…
Let not the fears of mind stop…

Good luck…
Stay strong…
May calmness befriend you…

Take care…


Thank you so much for being there. It’s honestly amazing to have someone around.


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