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It hurts when you see that it’s not really working out at all its just getting all worse…the fake optimistic is just i can’t i can’t have it or take it … hurts when you see that its all going in the vain…hurts when you just doubt your ownself … hurts when you can’t comfort a person … hurts when you see a friend is not your friend anymore … hurts that they seem like they don’t even care … hurts that they just can’t see how its really hurting my ownself , hurts when you just expect more and get nothing , not even a bare minimum , hurts when someone tells you why are you so pessimistic , … hurts when you’re are just tried of being strong … hurts when you are the one who always speak up their heart out whenever the need is … but now you can’t … hurts right … noo isn’t it … ! ? … hurts when your own people just don’t trust you … hurts when you have not a single real person to talk to…like a real genuine talk…hurts when you always arguementing on things … hurts when you realise that you changed into a whole paranoid person which i have never ever thought of … hurts when someone misinterpreted you … hurts seeing my ownself by seeing the mirror in the morning … hurts when you can’t stand in your own eyes…hurts when its really getting so toxic that you become a toxic one too … hurts when you say a last goodbye to that person which means you a lot…hurts when you know that was it…you will never talk to that person ever … hurts when you feel like a burden on other well on your own self…hurts when someone say are you okay … and you just can’t control your tears , hurt know . ! ? … a lot … hurts when bottled up things get just bursted out … hurts when you see that your absence doesn’t affect to that person from you expected to be missed by ! Hurts when you lie to your own people…hurts when you know you are somehow hurting your own people IT REALLY HURTS.

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