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Is their any way to change yourself( self improvement )in 1 month…I have people, frnds. Who whenever I meet they said that u didn’t change at all . Which I didnt bother earlier .each n every friend of mine changed a lot except me but now I realise I need change …I don’t want to change for them but for my self , I just want them to say that u changed a lot .
If u have any suggestion .let me know.

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Are there any particular qualities that you want to improve about yourself? For example, I would really like to work on my anger/mood and time-management/productivity skills. Based on what part of your life you want to improve, you can look for the right self-improvement materials!

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yeah I get angry for small things . And i have poor communication skills.
And I procrastinated a lot …


Then I think you should pick one thing, to begin with. Because like the person said below, it will take some time and patience to actually allow yourself to change your habit for one thing. After which you can try to work on the next thing. So, don’t worry and rush into it. Even if you don’t completely change in one month’s time, there will be a lot that would improve in one month if you stay persistent!!


I can see two problems in your approach to change yourself.

First, 1 month: If you want to something like, grow your beard yeah that can happen in a month. But if you are talking about changing your life style and changing who you are. Sorry that’s not gonna happen in one month…

Second: when you say “I don’t want to change for them but for my self”, in the very next line you have said this “I just want them to say that u changed a lot” which i feel is you are doing for them…

So i suggest you to think a lot on this. Find the true reason for your change. You cannot put a deadline on your change. If you will succeed in this, There are many resources available foe self improvement.

Talk more about your change at here, so we can discuss more specifically on your problems.

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Hey thanks for reply
I was a shy , sad low esteem average looking.girl.i am get tensed easily thinks always negative .some boy used to make comment and bully me for my looks and for my personality .there some who likes me for who I am doesn’t bother me and wasnt good in studies . …I just want drastic transformation in my personality .and makeover.
. I want boys likes me …my personality not gfbf type …I know we should not impress anyone . But I want it I don’t know how …


OK, Now we have many things to discuss here. It is good you are opening up and discussing your problems here.

So I think you are a person who is shy, always negative, over thinker, don’t talk too much with everyone, low esteemed, low confident, don’t go out too much, lives in your own world, and many more…

If you can relate with the things written above. It means you are an Introvert type person. And i swear it’s not bad to be an Introvert. I don’t know why people want to become Extroverts. I think because people only see their positive side, they are easy in talking, mostly confident, most people like them…
But people, mostly us, Introverts can’t see their negative side. Most of them are, not good listeners, they don’t think too much before doing something, they take impulsive decisions, mostly indiscipline… and this list goes on and on…

And Yes, I am also an Introvert and i proud who i am.
So the first thing i would suggest you to read about Introverts. How our thoughts process works, why we don’t talk to everyone, why we have few but genuine friends. Also Learn what are the things that Introverts are master in. These things will help you to transform yourself.

Introverts has many things that extroverts lacks and always want, just like we want personality traits, they have.
You cannot change each and everything about yourself. But you can learn how to deal with your negativity, How to be more confident and less nervous… and many other issues.

Now come to STUDIES, oh man i hate Indian education system, where only a good memory can give you good marks. Remember only that, your marks never reflect how intelligent you really are.

Now comes to LOOKS, we think that people like white face, pretty face and bla bla bla… but the real reason we like someone is there overall personality, not the face but that confidence on there face, the way they express themselves, there positive body language and things like that.
The people who say that, that person is ugly or not attractive, are those people who can only see outer skin of someone. They watch too much ads of fairness creams also they watch bollywood movies so much. Because people behind bollywood and fairness creams wants you to believe that only Fair and slim people are good looking and rest are average.
If you want to see how your confidence matter not the face and looks.
There is a channel on youtube, “slayy point”. See the girl in it. Her confidence talks for her not her looks.

I think i have written too much…
Feel free to ask more and share your feelings here…

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Thanku…i’ll work on it.


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