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Is India heading towards depression.
I have been asking myself this question on why is there brain drain from India to other developed countries and seem to have cracked this question now. 
Going by the current economic and political situation, I myself have been recently involved in a lot of cross commenting with other citizens on insta and twitter. It’s seems like a never ending spiral of war between two sides, good vs bad. There is no reality nowdays, it’s only reelity or media truth that is currently running in country. Be it from supporters of each political parties. Why do they fight so much for power, but not enough for truth and reality. Have they ever realized the kind of effect this would have on children and teenagers. People comment extensively on insta and twitter posts which pleases them or the truth which they wish to believe, even if it’s fabricated. I myself have been asking myself this question, being an unemployed citizen, on why am I spending hours to protect one party from another. Is it because others are tarnishing image of India or is it because I chose to ignore their reality from mine. Because I chose a party which I believe flys me to a dream of perfect India. It’s like giving a drug to those who chose to ignore their reality and make them your soldiers to fight the bad ones and end result will be a perfect India. 
I feel such an environment is an invisible factor that leads to brain drain. Everyone seems to be an expert on ever subject on social media, and the same even I think not myself now, wanting to award myself a sahitya puruskar. I now have been awaken from this lalala land dream by my soul, and looking at options to migrate if possible. Not everyone will be as lucky as me, if I am lucky too, to migrate to a more civilian place where humans are humans first. 
I am sure it’s not easy for anyone to live their motherland, but when it comes to choosing a life without hiccups, or an easy shortcut to happiness, I guess one would chose to leave her mother. Even birds leave their parents in search of a new sunrise.

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“There is no reality nowdays, it’s only reelity or media truth that is currently running in country.” This is so true. I absolutely agree to what you wrote here. I feel too that everyone on social media is just pretending to be someone they are not and literally just posting things for the heck of it and for validation. People sensationalize things so much on social media which really has a negative impact and they don’t realise it.


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