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Trigger warning (infidelity) When I was 14 , I found out that my father was cheating in my mother , it was around the time of their 25th anniversary and I never told that to anyone , fearing they might get a divorce . There hasn’t been a day when I haven’t regretted what I did for if I had told her maybe she would not be in this hell hole . My mother is an angel and she does not deserve to be yelled at , cheated on made to work 12 hrs a day besides her job. And this man that I have to call my dad does nothing . She once told me that if it weren’t for me she would have left this house ages ago . If I had just told her that day things would be so different .

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Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

You don’t have to regret anything you did. You were a child then. You are a grown up now. You have to take the responsibility of taking care of your mom. She will be so proud of you…I am sure she still is proud of you. Give yourself and your mom an ice cream treat for being so strong all this time :)

Kashika @kashika

It’s okay, you know? You did what you thought was right. And you were just a child back then, we cannot expect children to make such mature decisions right? It’s alright, just take care, and everything will be okay. You guys are strong, you know that :)

No one 111 @jarul

You could do it now? She could still have a whole new life.


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