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In my weight loss journey I successfully lost 40 kgs in 8-9 months in my weight loss journey I never felt frustrated while dieting but nowadays I feel freaking frustrated whenever I restrict myself from eating

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Hi. I must firstly congratulate you on your achievement. I know how wonderful it feels. I was 110kg and now 79.8kg. I heard many trainers will say you must diet and eat less…yes it’s true in a way. But for me personally you don’t have to diet or restrict yourself from eating what you craving for. You just have to be committed to yourself to not over eat on something. Example you feel for burger…eat 1 but not 2. Another thing…savor your food. Eat slow and enjoy the taste…you feel full when your done. And then keep up with your routine exercise. I exercise 1 hour in morning as soon as I’m up and 1 hour before bed. For the first week…I gained and lost like 1 to 2 kg but then after I start to lose weight and feel good about it. And I still eat what I want…a pizza or a piece of chocolate.

Khushboo @khushboo

Hello, it’s so nice of you that you achieved your target and never got frustrated from it. Keep it up and stay fit. After all, health is wealth.


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