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I’m very alone insidely, I am very frank to others but I’m not that . what I show them and I have some goals in my love which I want to fulfill.I love someone but she doesn’t and I have given up now but I still love her and I love her but I don’t know why. Seriously, I can fall in love with that girl who understands me and give her hand for journey of life. I think most of the you know what I am telling about. Bye !

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I know what it feels to be an one sided lover but you got to concentrate on yourself first. You got to fill the emptiness with more self love. If she doesn’t love you back just know that there is someone else written in your destiny. Things will work out soon. You’ll soon find the girl who’ll love you and understand you.


But I think we can’t manage or control ourselves for thinking about whom we love. That’s why I’m not able for it until I will have an idol partner.


I know we can’t control our feelings. But again you have to be practical. You can’t exhaust yourself emotionally by loving someone who doesn’t love you back.


I think it’s easy to suggest but I have no control to myself


Give it some time, time heals everything.


Okay, I am trying 😊

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Focus on yourself brother.
We eventually waste our time over thinking about stuff which is not important at that time.
Our ego fucks up with our mind and we have to tame that ego.
This is life, we explore ourselves and new things everyday.


Yeah,new things come and friends too but somebody’s dream hearts us and l don’t cry Everytime, I laugh too but even I don’t know about how to stop myself


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