Im thinking too much about being more confident ,but it doesn’t work .I end up thinking why I tried smth , Then I began drawing while listening to music or watching a movie for not thinking to much . Being too emotional and hiding isn’t that easy )) Im workinf on myself but I have a problem of introducing myself . I always seem borring or dumb ( Im not sure maybe I thunk like that bcoz Im insecured) .I Need to talk with somone like me . My ego doesn’t want to feel alone ).

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Avni @avni

Your elevation will sometimes need isolation and thats okay. You have nothing to prove to anybody. Improve if you must, but for yourself and how it helps you grow as a person. Treat yourself with patience and kindness. You will need more of it than you anticipate, even if you already are.

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

Don’t think about it. Allow it to emanate from you naturally.
it is good to channel your energies in a constructive, positive way. Just do not think so much. FInd things to do that make you feel better and seek like minded people!


heyyy you can use this platform and not care about being judged . so feel free to vent


heyy, thr right person will never find us boring and the wrong person will even find the most interesting person in the world boring. this is very subjective, so you shouldn’t judge yourself for that, because sometimes when we are unique and don’t really do generic shit people don’t want to listen, and that’s cool coz who cares about such people anyway right? all those people who seem to be popular and stuff, no one really has THAT many friends, it’s all good acquaintances. Ultimately everyone only has very limited, few good friends, maybe just 1 good friend even. it’s so great that you’re working on your confidence, because we all feel like we need to work on something , some aspect of ourselves. this is self improvement, so you’re doing a good job. don’t feel disheartened by your attempts, a baby falls down so many times in the process of learning to walk.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

Hey, no need to overthink about how you come across to people. I would like you to know that I’m here for you. You can share anything you want and I promise you, you won’t feel judged.

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