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I’m spiraling back into my traumatic experiences. It’s hard to fight everyday. I question my own existence. My will to live is feeble.

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When you get to a point like this? It’s important to remember that when you end it , you never have a chance to get better. I know , that day to day it seems impossible. But I believe in your ability to beat this , make what your going through your b**ch. the best revenge is be able to smile and know it doesn’t have control


I know it seems hard but you’ve got to believe in yourself that you’re strong and you will get through this. Love, you’re here right now and we all are with you. Let’s take this one day at a time. You can do this. Take the strength from your past experience! Remember how strong you were to get out of it then, you can do it now too.


nothing is getting better and im so tired. i can’t go on anymore


Hey there, never give up things won’t work the way you need , but if u have determination and perseverance that is when u can change things the way you need. Never give up . Starting thinking from various perspectives and work on the goal you will achive it. All the very best 😍