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Babypowder @babypower

I’m so mad. I know it’s not anybody’s fault and only my own, but I’m so mad that I didn’t have help. I’m mad that my parents couldn’t ever help me with school when I was smaller. I’m mad that all the smarter kids just so happen to be the kids of white teachers. It’s not my fault my parents were immigrants. I’m just so upset. I’m upset that all the pretty girls are smart, white, blonde, blue-eyed, rich girls

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Tum kahna kya chahte ho bhai.

Babypowder @babypower

I have no idea what ya’ll are saying bro


Hmm fair enaugh…its not easy with all the pressure from family, school, society. It’s important to accept that you are not alone and many ppl share your experience. Try to focus on positive and distract yourself from the negative thoughts.


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