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I’m really worried about my mom. She just had the Pfizer vaccine, and now she has some really bad heart palpitations. I’m really worried about her. I hung out with my friends today, and one of them said they had a sore throat in the morning that went away after a while. I’m worried and paranoid about covid, especially when my mom is at this fragile state. I’m worried that my friend may have gave me covid and that I may have given it to my mom. Am I over thinking this? My friend says she got a sore throat by leaving the AC on when she slept with wet hair. I just want my mom to be okay, and I’m hoping it’s nothing serious and that my friend doesn’t have covid.

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Your mom will be totally fine don’t worry. Think positive and send her good vibes Sending her a lot of positivity :) from my side as well.


Calm down why to panic when she has taken the vaccine these might be only side effects and what all your friends were experiencing is just a difference in body temperature. my mother is a doctor and its absolutely fine if there are some side effects or say the body is fighting and making antibodies so there are changes just becoz of that and if still you are worried consult your doctor.


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