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I’m mad. Can’t work going on 8 weeks now. I’m self employed. Waiting 8 weeks for unemployment. Living off dwindling savings. Covid19 isn’t going anywhere for a long time. Vaccines aren’t made in a year. The shortest time it’s ever taken to make any vaccine is 4 years. They’ve been working on an AIDS vaccine for 30+ years and still nothing. There is still a lot we don’t know about covid19. This feels very bleak to me. We can’t all stay home indefinitely. Unemployment, even if you can get it, will run out. I’m mad there are still people saying it’s just the flu or even a hoax. Many of those same people will refuse to wear a mask or social distance. I’m very discouraged. Life won’t be the way it used to be for a long time. Can I ever see my family again. If I get it I hope it kills me fast so I don’t have to live in this screwed up world anymore.

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I was in a similar phase for 2 weeks when I was not able to do anything at all. I didn’t even feel like getting up from the bed.
But after that I realised that I need to get up and do something. I realised that what’s important to survive in the future and to earn money are SKILLS. If I’ve done an MBA and another person has done an MBA, companies will choose me if I have extra skills like say digital marketing or design etc. That’s when I decided that I would spend my time learning something new during the quarantine. This mindset is what helped me through. Maybe you can try it out too…?


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