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I’m in art major but I’m feeling nothing. It doesn’t inspire me the way I’m learning in school. I’m in third semester and never learned about art in school. I hate feeling like this. I think I make a mistake. I used to go through a few depressive episode and choosing this major was in that time. And it changes my passion too. Changing major is too late. I want to do something that I can do with purpose. I don’t care if it pays well or not. I just want to cure this emptiness. I love physics. It’s one of the subjects that I enjoy. I love writing too. And reading. Please subject me on how do I implement all of these interest in life to make my life feels more fun.

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Hey, first of all, just breathe. You must realise that you cannot change your past and situations influencing your choices but the best you can do is not let past affect your present. And secondly consider yourself to be really lucky that you have passion / interest in all these versatile subjects! Now the next step will be to make something out of these. I know you love reading, writing and physics. So I suggest you spend your free time doing more of these - writing and reading physics articles, books, papers, buy course curriculum books on physics, watch videos on physics, join physics committees on net, read research papers of your choice (google scholar), etc. Write stuff, post them on LinkedIn, your own blog, you might even consider writing your own Review paper in physics once you get the hang of it. So that even if you won’t be able to change your majors, the least you can do is be happy spending most amount of time doing something you love. And don’t lose hope , I have known a person who did his bachelor’s in Linguistics and masters in Economics. It’s just that your resume should show some work related to things you care about. And even though college might be boring at this time I’m pretty sure that if you go deeper into the subjects that you are currently learning, get internships perhaps, maybe you will enjoy studying them. All the best :)


Thank you for this encouragement! I need it so much. I was so sad and I was opening this website to write something similar but I noticed your reply. In a way, if felt like a good coincidence. Thank you again for this. I’ll cherish what you’re saying. ✨


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