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i’m having a hard time with PCOS. i have this hirsutism problem ( excessive hair growth) and it makes me so uncomfortable. my skin gets dry so often…sometimes i am left feeling ugly. this is also making me hold back in relationships. you know, would a person actually like me with these flaws? idk. very often i look at myself in the mirror and it is okay from a distance. as soon as i have a closer look i see excessive hair on my freakin’ face and chest and just literally everywhere. i get into these thoughts UK…when my partner will get too close to me, he will see all these flaws. i feel like an imposter whenever he calls me beautiful. i have no clue how to react to compliments because i simply don’t feel like they’re genuine. sometimes, my skin even rejects the make up i put on and i end up looking like a piece of shit. the other day i cried out so bitterly because i felt so ugly the whole day. is it body dysmorphism? i can’t simply stop thinking about how all this facial hair looks whenever i am out. mostly these things make me feel unfeminine. the whole body needs so much waxing and shit that i just start feeling terrible about myself.

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Hey ! I HAVE the same issue with facial hair, please listen when I tell you electrolysis will be the only thing to work! Or medication a specialist will give you. Dont WAX OR SHAVE. It will get better, but you have to get out there and look for the help as I did.



I swear every single thing you said in the above Paragraph is the same for me. I have hirsutism. I have facial hair, chest hair, hair everywhere. I never let anybody come too much close to me because I feel like once they know the real me they won’t like me anymore. This behavior pushed the loved of my life away from me. Here are a few things that can help. Go for laser hair removal for facial hair. I know it is expensive so just get it done on facial hair only I would suggest. It differs from person to person. Some people need just one or two sessions and they get rid of facial hair for months to years whereas others may need a few more sessions but the results are satisfactory plus they also give you this cream called eflornithine or something which stops facial hair from coming back. Or if you actually have the money get yourself an ipl laser machine. I got it. And do your own laser treatment after learning it properly. You can do it on other body parts as well. About electrolysis, personally I haven’t gotten it done and I’ve heard that it is painful so I have no idea about it. But laser does work if you get proper sessions done. Now coming towards the self esteem part. Let me tell you ‘you are much more than the amount of hair on your skin’. Always remember this. Everybody is flawed one way or the other, some of us are just good at hiding it whereas some are not. So don’t let it bother you please! Your worth doesn’t depend on these hair. We women are much more that. We have more to our feminine side than not having facial hair. I was so embarrassed because of my hirsutism that my insecurities pushed my boyfriend away from me and when I actually told him about this hirsutism he was like so what? Why are you so worried about this? So the point is nobody cares as much as we do about our hirsutism. You are beautiful! With or without facial hair. Okay? More power to you.


thank u so much for this. i really want to go for the laser treatment. i can manage the expenses and i have sort of convinced my mother for it too. however, i am just scared as to how it will react on my face. my skin is dry and sensitive. i guess i should leave that headache to the experts. another thing is that i live in shimla right now ( back home because of corona) and sooner or later i will be going to delhi when my college reopens. i am not sure where i should get this done. i really want to get rid of all this hair and while this treatment goes on i will also manage my hormones with exercise and avoiding junk. the self esteem part is just so pathetic…i am trying to overcome it slowly. but getting anyone too close to me makes me very nervous.


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