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I’m hardly able to sleep, I don’t know why. I am awake till 5 and I don’t feel like eating anything as well. It’s taken a toll on my health and I’ve caught fever.

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No one 111 @jarul

It’s gotten so bad for me I can only sleep at 6 am

Avni @avni

I highly suggest involving a doctor. On a personal recommendation though, try drinking blue pea tisane or butterfly pea tisane tea before going to bed and take medhavati, its an ayurvedic tablet you can get, that helps with insomnia. Tried and tested:)


I tried medhavati , it doesn’t work… Totally east, I recamanded u to take 1mg melatonin before 1hrs of bed… it find online… 1mg,3mg or Ur doc advice.


Some thing is surely troubling you dear. Find a solution. Take care.


take care friend. take proper rest


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