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I’m going to a new therapist. The one I am with now kept saying I should consider plastic surgery because it would improve my quality of life. He knows the risks and the fact that my doctors have strongly recommend against it. He said I should try dermal fillers instead, but fillers aren’t permanent so I wasn’t keen to consider them either. Plus I visited a plastic surgeon last year. When I asked about fillers, he said that fillers could only improve my deformities to a certain extant and might even worsen my appearance.
This therapist is obviously a douche.

(For the sake of context, I underwent a terrible accident when I was 13 which left me scarred and deformed in the face. I lack 30% of facial function, have multiple deformities in my facial bones and extensive nerve damage for which I take Vicodin to this day. The aim of the doctors was always to perform a restorative surgery because anything reconstructive or cosmetic was too risky considering the state of my face. Even after I had recovered, they strongly recommend that I do not consider cosmetic surgery because it was too risky)

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Hetvi @hetvi908


The therapist recommending you things like this is something that isn’t right. If there’s something medically wrong, consult a trusted doctor. Don’t listen to people like this. You’re beautiful 🤍


I actually understand the Therapists concerns. He just wanted me to enjoy a better life. But I didn’t like his persistence. So yeah, I’m finding another person.

vikram chouhan @vschouhan


Other than visible deformities and partial lack of facial function do you have any other discomfort
of facial functions


Nerve damage. Gives me headaches. That’s what the vicodin is for.


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