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im feeling well idk
i just feel like whenever i get close to the ones i love they distant from me and whenever i do that i see them come up to i dont really know if thats something good or bad im really confused ive been trying to figure out if my friends are toxic but i keep saying to my self like no weve been friends out whole life i cant just cut them out and find new friends escpicially since were in highschool now idk what to do🙁

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Simran @st1199

To understand what you are trying to convey is, the ones you love they distant themselves from you and you wish to know if that’s good or bad, right?

For your second question that who can be toxic for us, someone who demotivates and tries to pull us down is toxic for us. If they scare you, tell you that you are a bad person, you are of no use, you can’t do this, you are not competitive and anything and everything which makes your CONFIDENCE down and you feel low of yourself.
Ignoring just because it is hard for you to find new friends, doesn’t make sense. Then you have to bear with such people (if they are one) and it will make your life worse and your mind will accept that yes I am useless and I can’t do anything which in any case shouldn’t be the case. Think about it, how do your friends treat you and do you look up to them for anything and do they help you out in your problems and are there for you when you need your friends.


damn this really made me think your really good at giving advice thank you

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Simran @st1199


I hope it helps you for the long run. :)


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