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Dilip @draulo

I’m feeling very low

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Hey Dilip, this world and the way we were taught it works really can get us down sometimes. I would love to share about my thoughts on it. We are all so much more than this physical body a life that will continue after all else has faded. You are a beautiful soul and truly have no need of anything here. This world takes shape according to our thoughts. If your thoughts dwell on negative things the world will be negative to you, but there is hope for it’s true of pure and happy thoughts as well as you shift the way you are thinking the world will shift with you. Things will become peaceful and beautiful. When I start having negative thoughts now the first thing I do is shout “STOP” in my mind and ask myself " Is this what I really really want?" once I understand yea no I don’t want to feel yucky then Ask your spirit. “What do I want” think on this it’s not always instant but if it’s to be happy to get a new job whatever it is. You then make an easy little choice and choose to think something else or to fill out that application. It’s easy to say harder to do, but i promise over time you will be your own and best therapist because the true self is always there within you and it’s just waiting for us to reach out. With Love a Friend.

Dilip @draulo


I can’t control my mind. Whenever I try to clam my mind and think about positive thing
It’s don’t work ,my mind swings automatically to negative though what going in my life.


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