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I’m feeling depressed right now. I just had fight with my ex. I post in my Instagram and she think that I post something to hurt her. I just post it on my own. My friend is now working while I’m here at home doing nothing. Can’t even get a job. My friend is at the city working toward their goal now. And I’m here stuck at home and can’t find a job as well.

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Hi @selbat,

The beauty of today’s day and age is that we don’t have to physically be anywhere to achieve our goals. If there’s something that you’ve been working on or are trying to work on, you can easily do it at home with the power of an internet connection. I know it feels like everything is going downhill, and as if all the things that are wrong are happening to you. But that’s not what this is. This is your testing time, to rise above your troubles and achieve what is good for you. Maybe there’s a better person than your ex, who’s waiting for you. So, take this chance and work on yourself and your goals, from where you are. And everything else will follow you.


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