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I’m failing my classes in high school. and i don’t know if i’ll make it though while satisfying the grades my future universities want. i don’t see the point in trying to continue and torture myself every day.
i spent my whole year of being 17, my last year of being a kid at home in quarantine. i got so depressed, and still am. i cry myself to sleep almost every night. i have no friends to rely on. and i’m taking a very difficult high school program called the International Baccalaureate program. it’s the hardest one to exist, harder than A levels.
I don’t want to feel this sad anymore. i love nature but i live in a desert so the air is always sandy and i feel like i can’t breathe outside. i despise it. if i lived in a forrest with clean air i wouldn’t be this upset.
I don’t know what to do other than what i’m thinking of rn which is very bad. i have been getting suicidal thoughts a lot recently and idk where else to go to. since i have no one i trust enough to know this about me.

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Hi , I’m sorry your going through this but you can get through it . I know this quarantine sucks it really does , it’s been messing my studies my social life ! I go out a lot, now I’m at home doing nothing . I think of life and I’m life uhhh I hate it but at the same time I admire nature aswell I envision what the future beholds for me , goals that I want to achieve . I recommend getting to do things you’ve never done so you can carve your own path . Take hikes and admire nature all you want , take a swim watch the sunset and admire Earths Beauty . We need you here in this earth to make a change with this whole fucked up world . YOUR going to make it better , your going to make your path . Hold on there with all of us suffering from this pandemic you’ll get through it . Hugs and warmth to you .


Consider me you’re knew friend! I’m happy to talk :) I know what it’s like, to have those thoughts plague you, but you gotta ignore them. It’s hard and painful either way but it’s not you that you want to kill, it’s your sadness, the emptiness, the numb nothingness. I understand. But take a deep breath. And know you are stronger than this. You are a soldier, a survivor and a fighter. You’re brave. I know it. Do what makes you happy. Honestly, why not take a holiday in a forest? Or go camping? Stay in a little town for a week. I hope this helps!


thank you so much. traveling is not an option right now so i can’t. exams are constant so i cant catch a break. it would be nice to leave but i’m stuck in a dusty ass country for the next year of my life. i’m gonna turn 18 at the worst point in my life. it’s all so terrible


You’re turning 18 this year, me too! it’s my last year of school and I’m scared that it’s happening this year. And with covid no one can travel, but you can imagine it. By ingredients and cook dishes from all over, set up posters of places you want to go and plan what you’ll do when you’re there! It can be exciting just to dream, and it helps escape this world. And sometimes with the right passion and dreamer it can change it. Study for now, but put aside an hour each day for mental health. You’ll feel better and study better too. hope this helps!!

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Mango @mangoice

Put plants in your room, plants on the porch, get a humidifier and an inhallerrr, and spend more time in the sun.


Hey Buddy.
I completely understand the amount of stress, pressure and anxiety you have been feeling. The constant urge to do something and excel in one’s own and everyone else’s expectations is far tough. But look at the brighter side, when you were a kid and thought that this one problem is going to take me down, but today you have overcome it and standing tall and strong. You are strong and you I am extremely proud of who you are and what you have become. You are an angel and in such times, I am there for you. Remember, you are loved and appreciated. Times are tough but every dark day comes to an end. Try to be positive and think how life can be better instead of trying to think of bad it has been. As a student, I too am doing something that is hard for me as I am not interested in my field but trust me, things do get better. Hang it there, kid. We all are here. Take some time to yourself and start treating yourself right. Spend time with yourself and try to have a day out/in with yourself. Explore who you are and what you are. Practice self love and you will know that the thoughts you get are not accepted as you are way more and way ahead of what you think about yourself. Always here, your new friend💕


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