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Sabrina @sabrinaj

I’m drowning. I can’t breath. The world around me is falling, it’s crashing down around me. I fall to the ground, on my knees. Im crying. It’s like a waterfall from my eyes. I can’t keep doing this. I want something to change. I need it. I am nowhere near perfect. This life I live is a lie. I fake a smile. I cry. I know i can’t have him. We aren’t right for each other. He’s a criminal. I just can’t help but miss him. I loved him. I still do. But i can’t have him. I will never be able to have him. I wrap myself up with a blanket and cry myself to sleep. I try to sleep. I dream of him almost every night. I want him so bad. But I can’t have him. I know if I try to find him or reach out I will lose my family. I don’t want that. I need to get over him. I just don’t know how to. I Am a mess inside. I don’t let others see it tho. If I did tell anyone how I feel, I’d lose the trust I’m trying to regain back from them. I need my family. I need my mom. I can’t live without them. I am going to get through this. Somehow ,some way, I will get over him. I just feel so alone. It’s lonely. It’s cold. I’m at an all time low. I hate being alone. I can’t help but get lost in my thoughts. No one will understand the connection me and him had. He never really loved me or cared about me. I don’t like to open up to anyone. I just want to forget about him. But I know I’ll never be able to completely forget. I feel emotional and physically drained. I want to run away from my thoughts. I’m still drowning in my thoughts. No one really knows I’m struggling. I’m a mess. I’m depressed. The tears on my pillow are real.😭😭😭

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Simran @st1199

Hey hey!
I am assuming you are talking about your boyfriend and had a break up.
Its hard to get over someone you loved. You tend to do things which you else wouldn’t and it is understood. We feel some part of ourselves is lost because it belonged to someone else. We want to get back badly but we also know what happened was for the best. And, you agree on all these, right?

It definitely takes time as it meant important to you but you like everyone else will get past this. Never let your thoughts and emotions get away. Always let it come, sit with it and figure out why am I having these and what can be done with it, how to arrive at a solution.
Everyone cries their heart out and it’s absolutely perfect. It’ll heal with time. Just give your mind some calmness and your body rest to process everything. Meanwhile, talk to friends and tell them how you feel because it helps in venting out and it will lower the burden on your chest.

Don’t think about him ALL THE TIME. It will make no good. Rather try to think of SOMETHING else when he comes to your mind and divert it. :)


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