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I’m at my wits end I have a 3 year old autistic child that does not like to listen to me. AT ALL. When dad is come he is more better behaved but with me hes fucking terrible, on top of that I’m 7 months pregnant. I cant eat, sleep, take a shower in peace. (I also suffer from depression and anxiety). Hes constantly slamming something, screaming at the top of his lungs, hitting, etc. Everyday I’m trying something new. Talk to him calmly, being more patient, keeping him busy NONE of it is working and honestly I’m tired. I’m tired of being the default parent, when dad is home he still comes to me and as sweet as that sounds I CANT take care of myself and to have a second baby. I’m starting to have regrets because now its 2 children that’s going to need me for everything. I cant do this anymore sometimes I just want to go to another country by myself with no husband and kids, I love my family but I do literally everything, everything to keep the household running, yes my husband jumps in but it’s only so much

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I completely understand your thought and will suggest you to stay calm as it’s not really good for the baby that you’re having in your tummy. Along with that, practice some meditation. Try talking to your husband about things in detail and clearly so if he can help you out more in this situation. Sit down with your child and husband and have a family conversation, where you tell your 3 year old about baby and the care that you are supposed to do for your self and the baby. It really impacts the brain of the child even if they are this young, show him videos about babies and what you need to be doing for that baby to be coming in your family. Try to talk to him/her as they are going to have a responsibility in future of being a big brother/sister. Get your husband to talk to the child as you mentioned that the child is ok when he is around. Take care of yourself.


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