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I’m a guy and I’ve spent most of my life trying to convince myself I’m not ugly. And from time to time when you get rejected by multiple people or even when you’re with relatively better looking people and fear them leaving you because of your looks, your insecurity doesn’t truly wither away. Ik the easy answer to this is oh either become better looking and improve on your fitness etc or to stop putting so much focus on it as you have other things to offer. But I cannot truly dismiss the idea that in my lifetime I’ll probably not look as good as most people, and hence that filters out a large percentage of viable mates that I may have. How do you really cope with that, given that you yearn for love and find relationships to be the truest source of contentment in life?

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Shubhang @shubhang


I feel the same way bro. I understand your feelings on a personal level, it’s like someone has just narrated my life story. I have come to the realisation that no matter what i do, i cannot force someone to be with me or stay with me. I cannot control that so i am not going to waste my time and energy worrying about this. I hope you can do the same

Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma


You know I have insecurities too and I have never dated a boy in 18 years of my life because of it. I hated my short height, voice and thin frame. But gradually I learnt that the good looking ones were also cheated upon and faced relationship issues. No matter how you look people will judge you. Its on us how we judge ourselves. I have accepted the fact that I am tiny and I love it. Things have gone uphill since then. You will never be content in a realtionship, no matter how much you are loved by the other person, till the time you love yourself and embrace your true self. :)

Afreen @afreen


Everything takes time and the the fantastic ones even more.
You’ll get your soulmate when it is the right time.


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