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Copycats 3.22 @coolcats400

I’m a girl but I like a girl she’s a bitch but I’m in love with her were not Evan friends she bullied me when I was younger than I kinda forgot about her now I sing love songs about her it’s cuz she used to always stare at me in class and I thought she liked me now I like her I thought I was aroace but she’s the only person who I like she stole !y heart it’s goes thump thump when I see her in the hallway she stuck a pad on me and I chased her with it and has the prettiest smile iv ever seen I feel like she liked me but she doesn’t it’s all in my head and I have to accept that but I can’t she really did steal it and got away she’s not as bad younger me thought A if your reading this I just want to let you know I’m always gone be here if I want -s

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manu @manu__

Don’t worry!! You will find someone who may bring a spark in your life and smile on your face
Hope for the well ☺️
Good luck 🤞


Them I hope I do


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