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I’m a 26 y.o. woman, I have no friends and major family issues. Much anxiety and depression caused by past sexual trauma and never really dealing with it, mainly just told to get over it. I live on my own currently and have great fear and anxiety about my future…I feel like I will never be ableto get to where I want to be because I have very low self-esteem…have never dated only chatted online but never anything beyond that.

I fear i will never break out of myself because I don’t have much un the way of support…but only criticism. Or people think im fine because i hide my issues so well…but when it comes to conversation, I dont want anyone to get too close…I feel like I should be shunned, but I don’t want to continue to feel this way.

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You are not alone. I feel like that every day


I realize many people feel the same way. In a way I feel almost guilty just for this fact, yet I still admittedly feel anger…which I believd is ultimately judt sadness as to why there is not a soul befriended to me…but maybe it is this thinking that keeps others at bay.

I am not sure if you are alluding to feeling somethiblng in particular or to the entire message…such as the sexual abuse…but if so…it’s something hard and unique to have to manage with and I hope regardless of the issue unaddressed… You do find peace with yourself.


Hi, I am so sorry that you had to go through this and so much in the past. You still seem like such a strong woman and I am so proud of you for that! Since you’ve been through so much, have you ever considered taking therapy for the same, just to get new perspective maybe?


Thank you for your empathy; I currently am in therapy yes. I appreciate you saying this…and although I do believe that I can be strong, I am not always…like many people.

Having a friend or someone close would help tbh…but it contradicts my previous statement of me not wanting to get close…lol…kinda perpetuates the issue.

Anyways, thanks again.


I am glad you are taking steps and taking therapy. It’ll be a long process but it’ll be helpful for sure.
Also, always here to listen and talk to you :)


Just you telling us what’s going on means you really are a very strong woman. People only say things when it refers to their lifestyles. They don’t want to let go of their crap and truly see the hurt and pain you endure every single day. You have us pulling for you. You are strong and we are here for you


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