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Im 20, i feel so lonely, lonely×100 need some loyal human so that i can share my thoughts and feelings,get to know each other and stuff like that.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

There is still a long run for you where you can find the one that you want to be with :)
You can share your feeling and thoughts over here if you are comfortable with that. It is a safe platform!

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anna @catgotmytongue77

I understand how you feel. Sometimes you just ache to have someone to be there with you always and to understand you and just be a freaking good friend. I think if you haven’t found that person that stands out to you try looking at your relationships you already have with your close friends and family. Maybe there is someone you connect well with that you hadn’t realized that you could connect well with them before.


Heya there…I also feel the same a lot of time…if you feel like talking you can connect to me if you wish so. I can be your good friend . We can connect with each other on social platforms i you wish…just let me know okey . I will be happy to connect with you .



You do not need anyone loyal. I believe you are using the wrong word. You need a person who doesn’t judge you and neither love being judged. So that you guys can speak out your heart do whatever you want as if you are all alone. That may include making out and beyond, but the first step is to find out people who don’t judge you even if they judge entire world.

It may be me. You can speak out your heart here. Or to anyone you know in person.
Usually that person is not your parent. They mostly are judgemental. But could be your friend or an acquaintance. You may have a school mate or college friend or office friend with whom you don’t have good connection but still you may want to checkout if they are the one you don’t care about and open up about your feelings with them.
Just giving you some examples of where you can find them. Don’t lookout for them on facebook. Facebook name is no more justified. It is pretty fake. Everyone out there is judging every other profile.


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