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if i will die -
1- My family won’t have to pay for my college fees
2- In the long term my family will be happy
3- I wont have to study so hard everyday
4- My single mother worked very hard to earn the money that wont be wasted on me
5- I will no longer have fights with my mother (she is a nice person but sometimes she say things, things like she would be better off if I died )
6- My sister will be normal in a few days
7- It will be just like a long long sleep (so comforting)
8-- No more trying to be more social
9-- No more of this fucking complex world
1- They might get traumatised by seeing my body
2- They might be sad for a few days
3- My dog don’t even eat food if I am not there
4- Some of my friends will be sad for a few hours

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Never have i been offended with something i 100 percent agree with


yeah bro life a bitch, if u rationally consider the pros and cons, the pros always outweigh the cons

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Idk about others but please dont do this to your dog. He might really love you , you dont even know.


he will eventually adjust, he is an adopted street dog, he has seen worse


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