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I wish to slap somebody because of something that happened 3 years back, that one incident changed my life, I lost the ability to trust, I lost my first love, I lost the ability to love again or be romantic and now when I saw my first love again after years, he actually came to my house and my mother loved him, now when things can’t go back to normal, I am hating it. I hate the person who ruined everything. I wish to slap her tight in front of all of our family members. I fight everyday with my mother for silliest things, she has a habit of teasing me and I know that but those things are now just irritating me. I can’t sleep, I can’t laugh, I am losing focus on work and I wish to slap somebody, I would have punched a punching bag but that won’t work. mentally I am heading towards self injury, which is not right. Someone please tell me what to do?

Post anonymously?

Lot of this anger is towards something that happened 3 years ago. I feel like you only need closure and not slapping someone. Usually when people say try talking to that person, it most certainly never works but I feel like you should really try harder to communicate with that person. Try making small amends with yourself. For example: lose some weight and then go to a restaurant to eat all kinds of junk. This will give you a good sense of letting go of things you’ve worked hard for.
I really wish you all the best.


Thank you for reverting, I tried talking to that person but she behaved like she didn’t do anything and I can’t really argue with her because there’s no sense in doing that. Second, I can’t literally lose weight and then eat junk, my health is already getting worse.