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I wish i could just disappear from here with just a snapping of time.
I mean I really do. I didn’t have the energy to live further. Nothing holds me anymore.

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Sanam @sachlian

Search more carefully for the reason to Carry on

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Couldn’t find any😂


Honestly mood and same.


My advice would be carry on. But instead I’ll say what I think I should. Death will be more satisfying when you have finished living fully.
On top of that good opportunities may await you.
For example:
. New movies(their trash nowadays but I’m gonna say new movies anyways)
. Inventions
. Technology
. Maybe new relationships e.g. friends,lovers,family
I’m not sure since I’m depressed myself but I don’t know. Right now my cousin of whom I relate to and care about is the thing keeping me on Earth.
When it gets tough try to push forward if you can’t take your time don’t force yourself.
And DONT let anyone tell you your lazy for trying to heal and recover.
And if you ever want to talk I’m here and I care(I mean that’s the whole reason I have this app to be honest).

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Thanks for that though. I’m trying but depending on others make me regret more I don’t have many friends only few of them but they are really good to me. I wish I could express myself to them but I’m scared of bring a burden to them,I mean really scared thinking of that make me anxious…They all have their own problems.I didn’t want to be anyone’s pain in the ass.


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