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I will not get upset over petty reasons like him not coming it’s okay and I completely understand. Everyone deserves rest. Whereas on the other issue. Him losing touch and i not contacting either ways the right thing to do. Sometimes u need to understand that passion is something else and love is different. I really love my bf and this was just an attraction, mere brain trying to get something that you can’t. Seems attractive but ik the moment I jump into the pool it will unload with it a lot of problems and i do not want to create problems for myself. Maybe I did the wrong thing on letting passion go away because of comfort and love but i don’t want to regret it later. I do not even know this guy properly. its been few months since we’ve started talking , i am getting attracted but maybe coz he suddenly pulled away and stopped talking which was the right thing to do since I have a bf . It bothers me. Bothers me a lot I want to talk to him but what’s the use ? It’s a mere attraction will go away in some time .

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