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I will be alone in room everyday no one will talk to me ill be just using mobile sometimes i feel like i should die but no no one respects me in house nor i have a good friend who will be for me or talk to me i feel very stressed and depressed

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Mr.psychologist @mrpsychologist

Its happens with everyone at some point of life .You should call your friends for outing

Kshitiz @kshitizjaiswal

See its happens with every adult the thing is that how you come over it if you are always lying in your room it means you are free and you have lots of time rather than lying on your bes and using your phone you can go out and enjoy your self you can connect to your parents have chat with them go out and see the rest of the world and help poor people or if you don’t want to do this all then if you can afford a pet then go buy it will keep you busy all  the time and you will also get the company and try to make others happy that will automatically help you find happiness in yourself.

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Narendra @narendra

I’ll be good friend 
I’m not going to flirt here, I’m here to talk


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