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I was from a strict and orthodox family… I’m away from relationship like love till my BTech…but don’t know why my heart got melt for a person…I had become totally strange compared to my previous years …I haven’t fall for the handsome guys but this time I had become expressive and told the guy that I liked and he too have the same feelings on me…we both started moving for an year…and then after an year the things are totally different …we started quarreling instead of convincing…and so on
My doubt is that… he’s so caring towards me but he don’t feel jealous when I talk to some other guys…he even don’t care…he becomes busy in his works…but I’m the person who leaves all the works for the sake of him…he never understand my efforts
And the other thing is…he moves on with a big batches of guys and girls…he talks to each and every girl…which I hated the most…I told him on his face… please try to understand me…I feel jealous and I hate the moment when you hang around with girls … but he just laughs at me…oh cool my babe…I love you…I don’t have any such kind of feelings on other girls except you…
He even gets sad for each and every single thing … but I I’m unable to handle those…I’m a kind of furious women…he’s so kiddish
But now we both are not having chats and calls…I know he loves me…but I don’t like his mentality towards me…which I can’t adjust in my future…and I do like him… thinking of these situations I just kept him apart…
Suggest me what to do…to get a break from him or to stay with him ?
One thing I can perfectly tell is that … he’s my first love…so either I love him or hate him in coming days …I never look for other guy to get into a relationship with me…that would be my first and last love…

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Simran @st1199

Firstly, you being jealous of his female friends is your responsibility to overcome not his. He can’t and shouldn’t just leave his female friends because his girlfriend is asking to, right? He has his life and no one can control that. The ones who do and the ones who agree are stupid according to me.
If the situation had been opposite, how would you feel not talking to any male friend of yours and how would your friends react to it? If you would agree then that’s your call but not necessary he should do it too.

Secondly, everyone has their own ways of doing things. Comparing your spending time with him and leaving your work VS he limits, isn’t reasonable. I suggest you NOT to leave your priorities for anyone. NEVER. He can wait but your work can’t.

Lastly, jealousy always leads to bad things. Rather than sorting it leads to breakups and ugly understanding. If you feel you need time to process things and see if there is a future with him and you can actually rely on him for certain things, then you should give it a shot but with your own space and time. Tell him you want time and if he is able to understand and value your decision, you have your answer! :)


But not just hanging around…he feeds some other girl infront of me in public…what do others feel ?like he was in relation with her and likewise he bullies me when he’s with his gang where I feel uncomfortable and this is the thing I’ve mentioned him many times …but when I say all these,he becomes silent or just say love you rather than answering the question which I’ve been asking since few months

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Simran @st1199

Then you need you ask him to stop. Because he is on purpose teasing you to make you feel this way.
If this is going on for few months now, you should better tell him that this thing isn’t going to work if he continues doing so and it could lead to ending things. He has to understand and value your feelings (the part where he is on purpose doing it to make you uncomfortable and not you just being jealous of his female friends).

Escaping isn’t an answer and with this it shows he doesn’t give importance to your words but take it lightly knowing he will not loose you in the process. When he will know, it could change things. Tell him he can’t escape but has to talk and speak or else you know what you should do, right? Never let anyone take you FOR GRANTED.


Hey, your relationship with others is a reflection of your own relationship with yourself. So do some self digging and ask yourself what is the real cause of you being jealous and insecure. The reason why we behave certain way with others is hidden often in how we treat ourselves and also some incidences of our childhood that kind of stick with us and make us who we are.
When we feel we are enough ourselves, we don’t really need validation and attention from others. And when he isn’t valuing the work you sacrifice for him, I will suggest that put your own self and your work before him :) your relationship is a part of your life just like your friends and career are. Same goes for him.
If you guys part it will take time for both of you to move on, because love and attachment is not easily forgotten. So you are right when you say you won’t date someone else that soon. Taking a break or not is really up to you but I will like to tell you one thing - don’t lose your own worth and don’t lose yourself trying to chase someone else.


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