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β€ΊEating Disorderβ€ΊThought

If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

I want to lose weight for so many reasons which I am not able to do from past 5 years.I have always been trying something or the other so many different things but was never able to stuck to it completely.A part of me is broken and my relationship with is very messy and not in a great position.I am obese and everyday my thoughts would be to what should I do to loose weight every damn single day and it is so tiring.Recently Finally I made peace with myself that I will follow intuitive eating and do exercise which I am trying to implement.But whenever my parents or grandparents says something regarding my weight or my suggestion I kinda feel numb and lost ,disappointed in myself.Even though people say I have to work for myself it is very unlikely that I cannot get affected by people around me.I recently was about to workout and My grandparent told me that you like huge and put on a lot of weight I started feeling sad ,cried and demotivated now I was sitting there doing nothing rather than sticking to my plan.I am 21 and I like to eat from childhood as in general love for food like I do not think that is binge eating part.But these days my food patterns so messed up that I not even motivated to change something or try differently this time or cut somethings.I know I cannot give up on my health and I cannot be peaceful until I achieve this thing.
Any help would be appreciated or someone going through the same thing.

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Happy456 @happy456


I’ve been through the same thing. All you could do is never give a fuck on everyone else. Focus on your own shit. This is what I learned from my journey. I used to write journal to make my journey less stressful or else I never cared what others are gonna say, I just did my thing. People used to tell me that earth shake when you run but the same people now appreciate me. Adversities are common in journeys like this. But think why you’re doing this, for yourself. I know you can do it. Don’t care what people says , people only shades what shines.i don’t recommend doing this , but it can be helpful if you take all that into consideration and exercise and eat clean as a revenge against them. Only in a good way. Sometimes this can add extra fuel to the fire that’s already inside you.

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