Eid mubarak


You’ll be able to get through this <3


You should go to the hospital. This life is temporary one we pass onto the spiritual world you can go to two different places. Please accept Jesus as your lord and savior let him guide you through the holy spirit. You are loved and nothing you ever do will disappoint God because once you accept Jesus your forgiven for all of your sins and your washed by the blood of Jesus the Holy spirit will guide you. Please don’t allow the devil to put these thoughts of death in your mind dying would be worst right now. God has a purpose for you. God bless you.


why do you want to die

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I am way too much stressed today . Just keep crying for the Read more
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So my other half Angel decided to fk humans. Because that’s Read more
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any breaking bad or better call saul in here ?
I feel like I’m starting to fall back into my old ways of feeling helpless, lost, lonely and even slightly suicidal. I feel like the “friends” I have, only speak to me when I get iRead more

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