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I very randomly found this app online.
I hope this helps?
I can’t even believe I’m secretly hiding my identity to vent on the internet

I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years because the relationship got toxic and abusive.
So to get away from one thing I put myself onto a dating app and spoke to a few guys online and went on a few dates and those guys were expecting something else, but i was not in a space to put myself into what they wanted
Amongst all of then,someone who I did no get along with very much turned into the reason I’m on this app at 3:00 am
Long story short, hewas very persistent, used to text me everyday, made it clear that ge wanted something “in between” and Initiallyi was ok,and it turned into a FWB scenario and then I realized, I was in love with this guy, I tried everything to assure myself that I was just confused but nope, we would text each other everyday, I knew he was out every weekend with another girl but I was cool with it. I liked this guy one sided for one whole year
I never had the guts to tell him how I felt

In my defense, he would show concern making me feel loved too
There have been days when he took sometime to respond and I would cry and panic thinking it’s over, he found someone

In the last few months things felt a little off, but funnily we would still text each other everyday
Atleast to ask if we slept well or ate

So we met after 6 months, and we decided to go on a trip, we got a little drunk, he told me that he wanted to be honest with me and told me that he liked a girl living in Paris whom he met on Instagram
And he was even planning on going to see her soon.

I returned back and couldn’t hold myself, and I told him that I am in love with him
And he told me he did not want to ruin what we had.

But, we are still friends and still talk everyday
Not a lot, but just ask if we slept well and ate

If he stopped talking to me, idk I feel my world is gonna collapse.
I don’t know why, he could leave, but he isn’t
I feel really bad that I got rejected
It has messed my head, I am scared to tell my friends because they’re gonna judge me
And I hate to admit, ik this is super silly but I cry like a baby sometimes when I think of it

Just sucks.
Idk if someone even read to the end
If you did, please help

myself that I was just confused

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One thing I learned from life is that you should never put someone above yourself. When you do that you end up hurt no matter the situation. I’m not saying you should hate him, just don’t put him above yourself.
It’s normal to get rejected, yeah it sucks but it’s completely normal, now let’s see the good part, you 2 are still friends which is good. Also I’m suggesting you to try as hard as you can to stop thinking about him in a romantic way because it’s only gonna hurt.
I got rejected too, I confessed to my best friend but she rejected me because she liked someone else too, but we are still good friends and I’m really glad I haven’t lost her at all.
Let’s see the good part, the friendship isn’t ruined =)


The truth has been spoken.

I accept that,
Some things are just inevitable, no?

I just didn’t realize that I am putting myself into this…

But yea, we’re friend
I hope he is not sympathizing thinking I’d feel bad and that’s the reason why he chose it.


If he thinks that way then seriously find better friends, but let’s hope he actually wants to be friends with you.
And yeah, some things unfortunately are inevitable=/


I support it too… if you think he is a good as a person, respect you and the relationship you both have… then its fine being with him but avoid thinking of him in romantic way…

it feels great whennu realise that despite the obstacles ur relationship is still safe… :) …


also if u dont mind… can you tell me about that app :😁…

i tried a lot but everwhere they ask for some subscription…


I used to use one of these apps, that’s how I met my ex girlfriend, the app is called wink, it’s pretty honestly

gourav @gouravdahiya

Jab sacha pyar ho aapko kisi se toh aisa hi hota hai. Aur is duniya me aaj ke time sacha pyar krne walo ki koi value nhi hoti unhe har koi hurt krta hai. Agar aap chaho toh me isme kch help kar skta hu. Dm me.


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