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Body DysmorphiaThought

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I try so hard to have a better relationship with food. I’ve been trying my whole life. But I just get into bouts of binge eating, then feeling extreme guilt and trying to throw it up. I eat healthy, I exercise, I do everything but I just can’t stop my binge eating bouts. I feel so horrible about myself. Everybody talks about body positivity and I used to feel good about my body, but recently I started feeling unhealthy so I decided I want to be healthier and let’s face it, everybody wants to be thin and pretty. Just hate hate hate hate myself for enabling my binge eating disorder.

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It sucks when "food " which is the one thing you understand the most and the one thing that can actually make a shitty day better ends up becoming your enemy and not because you hate it, but because according to societal norms you shouldn’t be eating without thinking of the consequences.

I would suggest you accept the eating bouts you get and try to find a reason as to why you get them? I am sure they are a source of some emotional disaster within you. Once you find it, slowly try to shift to healthier ways to cope with it. I know it’s easier said than done, but for now, I would just say you are not alone in this boat. We all have our own vices, this binge eating makes you more you than any other thing :) Don’t let this overpower your mind’s sanity. You are worth every ounce of happiness out there in the world.


I totally feel you


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