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Chitraganda @chitraganda

I think my younger brother might have ADHD. He is very very restless and doesn’t listen to anybody. He wants constant fidgeting around and movement. He doesn’t sit in one place for long. My parents don’t want to show to a doctor as they feel that it’s just a phase of childhood. But he is above 15 now. What to do ?

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Please explain to your parents that it is okay to go to a doctor or a therapist to find such things out. It is normal. It will be better for your brother once he is diagnosed. Atleast he will be able to start treatment.


i relate chitraganda. i am 16 years old and i always felt that i have adhd or smthing. my parents never took me to doctor. i went last month by contiously asking them and found that i have adhd. been taking medicines since then. it helps


Like others have said, explain to your parents and take him to a psychiatrist. It should help.

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