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I think my dad suffers from substance dependance and abuse. I see him sneaking drinks from my mum at night or even during the day. He has developed tolerance for atleast 6 drinks a day which he utilises daily. Even though there is no change in his behaviour towards me or my family and nothing has changed but I love him a lot and I’m afraid such dependance might cause severe health repercussions in the future. I don’t want to see him suffer. Also he abuses tobacco a lot. I am extremely embarrassed from this habit of him. But the thought of having mouth cancer scares me the most. I know this problem of mine is negligible on the scale of what people face everyday but I couldn’t deal with it alone anymore.

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Hey. Don’t ever think that your problem is negligible on the scale of what other people face. Everyone has different struggles and nobody has the right to make you feel that your problems or feelings are smaller than theirs.
Since you mentioned that he sneaks the drinks from your mum, so don’t you think it’d be a wise step to discuss this with her? Maybe she’ll be able to help or get some family members involved who will be able to help?
I completely understand that his behaviour towards you or the family hasn’t changed as of now but it’s good that you want to take steps and solve the issue before the problem escalates.
So I personally don’t think talking to him would help. He would just shoo you away, what you can most do is take the help of your mother or other relatives who will be able to handle this better.
All the best. Take care!


Thank you for your reply !!! I already feel sun rays dancing. ☺️


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