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I think my bf should breakup with me. He deserves the world. Better than me. But i love him too much

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We’ll he didn’t.
We’re still together but i have this feeling that he’s better off without me
I’ve just given him stress and i don’t make him happy

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Prabhakar M N @mnpsatan13

If he is still with you means he still loves you. That’s his perspective and may be different from your perspective?




I understand you, I have the same situation, but I am the guy, we were so in love but she made a mess of us, and she is always like want to leave me in peace but she can’t cause she love me still, I ducking love her so much, I want her to be with me, but I want her inner peace and happiness too… and if it’s not with me, I would let her go to be happy

@just_lonesome glad.she does really love you you know
I hope after reading my message u understand her pov better


I don’t know anymore, she fell for someone else, but she doesn’t want me to let go… she told me that her hearth is taking her to him, but her head and mind says to don’t even think on leaving me, I’m really confused about this, she asked me time till her birthday so she can figure this out, I don’t know what to do, I love her so much, but she only treat me as a friend now…


Give her time

But if she fell for someone else… then maybe it’s a red flag
Like i dont even think about any other guy. It’s just him.


She can’t also get the best of two worlds


It’s just one mor month till her birthday, if she still confuse I will walk away, even that would break me cause I still love her so much, I don’t want to be an option


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