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chaithu @chaithu

  After all, it still feels like the first time .

Every time i look into those eyes , it’s not just eyes that i see ,
Every now and then i go by my mirror and wonder “Is it still me?”.
Every day passed like a minute , yet every minute of my thoughts were an eternity .
Yeah , it still feels like the first time ,
Like the first time i knew i have feelings .
Like the tender touch i felt and the ticklish feelings i enjoyed .
Like the pains i endured to be what i am today ,
Or the moments i cherished what made my days.
Now and then i wonder “is it still the same old me ? ”
And eventually end up telling myself “ Maybe , just to myself. ”
I smile a little less and laugh a little low ,
I just have enough emotions that even my mind could blow ,
I see myself and realise that i am growing up day by day , well what can i do 🤷‍♂️
After all , it still feels like the first time.

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