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i recently had an argument with my father. and I felt very scared and sad you know? even if it was my fault. I mean, he had always given me everything I want and need, and we he asks me for something to do, I get grumpy ang mumble words. Even if I try to tell myself always remember that your father did a lot, but when the moment comes, I forget about it. :(
And he also said this morning, “I got so angry at you yesterday, that was the first time.” i broke down :(( i know i had hurt him. I’m sorry papa.

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you know it your heart . and we are human we tend to make mistakes but in that moment we do feel angry . i used to do this too but later i told myself the same thing . you exist because of them and be grateful but never feel burdened . just talk to him . be the bigger person and apologize to him if you feel its your fault . its a gradual process keep trying to be calm and appreciate the little things in life.

Gurjeevan @gurjeevan

It’s good that you realized your mistake and its absolutely fine. Its impossible to control Yourself sometimes. Just go and say sorry to him or just be nice to him. You know he will understand :)


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