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I really really miss my grandma. I haven’t seen her ever since November and I haven’t visited her for a very long time :((. My Dad was the one who kept on visiting her house and I was always not available to go with him bc school has been flooding me with homework and there are like 6 homeworks that are needed to be done everyday. A while ago, my dad told me that when he visited my grandma, she kept on asking when I will come and visit her :(((, I feel really really guilty and bad bc I have never visited her and knowing that she is waiting for me every single day to visit her hurts my heart :((. I really hope that I will be able to be free from school and visit her everyday if I have to. Just thinking Abt it make me cry so much :((. I love love love my grandma and I really want to hug her right now :(((

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You should go visit her asap
Leave your homework and everything asap

It’s like homework or work will keep happening
But you need to spend time with your family too
I can understand it’s important for you to study but spending time with your family is a must

Consequence of not completing home work - scolding, less marks, etc

I think it’s okay to lose a few number but family comes first


Thank you for this advice ❤️❤️


I hope you met her by now?


Yepp I have been visiting every weekday after school just to hang out a bit :)))


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