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I really like a guy and he ignores me because i had catfished him. Now i do feel guilty but he doesnt even look at me even though he knows that i like him.😞😔

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aww i do feel bad for you @sadgal221 … i mean i feel bad for him too, but you too. i feel for him to know that the connection you two had was real, despite knowing who you are or what you look like is something that will have to come from him. you can perhaps apologise for the catfishing part, but you cant make him like you or make him pay attention to you because he needs to come to terms with what happened. for the most part im sure he feels betrayed and that his trust was broken, so you should give him time to deal with it i suppose. but honestly this is just some bogus advice, i don’t really know what he’s thinking, maybe he has moved on for all we know. maybe its just best if you moved on too? im sorry if what i said did more harm than good. but i just want you to start afresh without the guilt or the hangup of a previous situationship ❤️


Listen up I’m not gonna be emotional and tell you things just to make you feel good but here’s the thing. The basis of getting anything done is first base analysis. You need to analyze the whole dilemma here. You like him but the thing that went wrong was that you catfished him, which might’ve hurt him or made him lose trust in you or maybe he doesnt care at all. In situations like this ik people make mistakes and get overexcited or all fueled by emotions which leads to wrong decisions sometimes which created the whole catfishing incident. Now leave the past. Please. Focus on your present to make your future better. You have guilt now. But. You can fix it! Do one thing cool up and talk to him. Just tell him everything honestly and how the catfishing thing was just an incident not worthy enough to be remembered and continue or situation with him. If things get better, you’ll eventually forget everything and lead happy days, but if anything goes wrong. Sis you’ll need to forget everything and be strong. Theres no point wasting time in your life rn with guilt. Be happy, don’t worry. You’ll figure everything out :)


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