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Lavanya @just_saying

I once proposed to this guy, and he rejected me by saying that he always wanted a hot girlfriend to show off to his friends. He was also my closest friend. The reasoning for rejection didn’t hurt me, he was right about me being fat and ugly, and I respect that he wanted a few qualities in his partner. I, too, want my guy to be good at maths; having a thing for a type is not a bad thing. After that, my friends told me he is a dick to reject you, and you are not “that” fat. And I used to be like, ok, there is a threshold for obesity to be a basis for rejection. I have always been criticized for being fat, even when I was a kid. I was not obese; I was just overweight. Now the weight is a bit troublesome. People do not greet me by saying hello, or how are you! they just say, oh my god, you have become so fat. I do not know one person who hasn’t said that to me in my life. I am serving people food, they say you work so much still you are fat. I am on a farm, talking about how the tree is loaded with lemons and the person next to me says start drinking lemons with hot water you will lose weight. I am cleaning my house in the morning, somebody walks in and they say… are you having Samosas… getting fatter day by day huh… while on the other side I am like, hello… how are you? 27 years of constant nudging.

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Moon @m5656

Hi dear, don’t feel bad about you. People who judges someone due to appearance they actually never know you, who you really are. You will definitely find someone who will love you due to real you, good person inside, not the outside looks. Be confident yourself whether you are slim or overweight. People even being judge for too slim. No one is perfect believe me. Just be yourself and be confident. He don’t deserve you. You deserve better my dear

Lavanya @just_saying

I am not hurt about the proposal. It is all ok that he wanted his partner is of a certain type. I am just frustrated how nobody can see anything in me apart from my weight. His POV is justified somehow but it is the society that hurts me more than he ever did.

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Moon @m5656

Yes they fantasise, but once they come out of it and really fall for someone. They never gonna see such qualities. It even doesn’t matter for them. That’s why it’s says love is blind. You just do your great work and regular staff, you never know someone might having crush on you and they may not telling you due to the same feelings right. Don’t change yourself for someone else.

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Abhishek Gupta @abhishek09



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